Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lilli'Q Update!

I just got word from Lilli'Q letting me know that "paying" is what holds your spot.

I feel terrible because I have been telling people it's just fine to just register online and pay on the day of class. (since it is a brand new establishment and you can't yet pay online)

So...If you have registered online, pop down there or *much easier* call there and make a payment to hold your spot.

*The number for the place is 604-681-2965. The owner at Lilli'Q is lovely and her name is Jamie.

Sorry and thanks for bearing with these Olympic changes.

Hope you are all doing great and have had a glorious weekend. The weather has been a dream!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whew! A good 99% of my classes are finally covered for the Olympics! Yay!

It is one month today until the opening ceremonies for the Olympics, and whether we love everything about the Olympics or are filled with dread they come!
We will soon be welcoming the world!!

Lot's of Yoga in Yaletown at Lilli'Q Cafe and Playhouse located at 1268 Pacific blvd (right next door to the Roundhouse) and classes are going full blast as well at Main St @ Broadway at the brand spankin'new Mt.Pleasant! (The Mt.Pleasant website states that there is a 3 person waiting list currently for Prenatal yoga but that is no longer the case.) I have upped the participant level by 5 so...there are a few more spaces now!

Lilli'Q will be updating their website anytime now, and I have added a Thursday evening Prenatal Yoga in addition to the Tuesday class. (we only have space for 10 participants for all classes being held there so you may want to register for those asap!)

Oh..and there WILL be Baby & Me Yoga as well at Lilli'Q! Yay!

All classes will be held at the same time as my Roundhouse classes.
(Prenatal Yoga's 545pm-715pm)
(Hatha 730pm-845pm)
(Baby & Me 130pm-300pm)

Soooo Register, Register, Register! You know I'd love to see you.

You can register online or by phone at (under the events tab) or 604-681-2965
Drop-in's are available for all classes (space permitting.)
*Remember to bring a Yoga mat to the Lilli'Q classes!

Here are a couple of shots of the New Mt.Pleasant!

The place is huge. This is only a tiny glimpse. The dance studio, the front lobby and a peek into the gymnasium. (you can see a bit of the Fitness centre and climbing wall in the background) The place is just amazing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lot's of new stuff going on!


Happy New Year! It's officially 7 days into 2010!
There are so many new things going on I'm not even sure if I can remember them all right now (it's late and I'm sleepy!).

First off, for some reason none of my classes are showing up on the Roundhouse website but they are all a go. All of them. Tuesday & Thursday Prenatal Yoga, Thursday Baby & Me, & Tuesday and Thursday evening Mixed levels classes so...come on down (at least for the next couple of weeks until the Olympic closure)!

And after January 21 most of these classes will be continuing next door at Lilli'Q Cafe and Playhouse for the following 6 weeks while the Roundhouse is closed (see schedule on the top right corner of this page for details, links for registration etc.).

*And please remember that mats will not be provided at Lilli'Q so you will have to bring your own. Let's do it up! (I do have a few extras that I will bring along as spares should anyone want to double up).

Oh as well, due to popular demand I was able to secure a space for our Baby & Me Yoga at Lilli'Q as well! Yay! (usual time and day).

As for Mt.Pleasant news...the place is stunning! Had a couple of classes there last week and Wow. Just wow. What a facility!

And although the website says the class is full the room is quite large and we can very comfortably squeeze in a few more of you so...(to be on the safe side if you aren't registered give them a ring first at 604-713-1888) but I will be getting the numbers changed on the website as soon as I can to accomodate a few more of you, so not to worry!

You can always contact me to double check as well. Anytime.

That is all I can think of for now!
Hope you have enjoyed the first week of 2010.
I'll update more as I think of things :)

Bye for now!