Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breast is Best ( 7 min. trailer)

*This video shows breasts and according to youtube isn't suitable for minors.*

It is not sexual in any way and involves mothers feeding babies and is a wealth of information in a little 7 minute clip. Hope nobody is offended.

If you think you might be offended then please don't watch.

Not everyone can nurse for many different reasons, and there are plenty of incredible moms out there who gave it the best shot they could. And there are still some who have no interest in nursing from the start, and thats their business and nobody elses.

This video it too good not to be shared and may help with some issues.
Namaste, xo

the tree of life

the tree of life
Originally uploaded by madstfri
I just find this photo so stunningly beautiful and incredible there aren't even words really. I found it on Gloria Lemay's blog and it was uploaded by Madstfri.