Wednesday, August 18, 2010

With such a small life, with such a small energy source, it is simply stupid to waste it in sadness, in anger, in hatred, in jealousy. Use it in love, use it in some creative act, use it in friendship, use it in meditation: Do something with it which takes you higher. And the higher you go, the more energy sources become available to you. At the highest point of consciousness, you are almost a god. -OSHO

Giant Bubbles on the Beach

Prenatal yoga at Mt.Pleasant is drop in only the next 4 weeks...

Prenatal Yoga at Mt.Pleasant is drop-in only the next 4 weeks...(Aug 18, Aug 25, Sept 1 and Sept 8) *$12
The new session begins Wed Sept 15. (Weds from 630-745pm)

New Fall sessions for all classes are about to begin so I can't recommend enough registering. (this class in particular generally has a waiting list so I highly suggest registering).

Prenatal yoga-wise I also have two classes per week at the Roundhouse in Yaletown Tues and Thurs evenings from 545-715pm.
(and of course there is baby & me yoga for after baby arrives at both places as well as Mixed levels classes..) Lot's of affordable yummy yoga for all stages of your life.
Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!
♥ Namaste, xo