Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whats good about Friday the 13th? You can register for Fall programs at the Roundhouse!!

I love Firday the 13th personally!
(call me weird haha..people do all the time! )
Starting tomorrow online registration starts up for all programs at the Roundhouse! Which includes LOADS of glorious Yoga with me!

Yoga for everybody!
(even if you aren't born yet I have classes for you too)!

Classes are as follows:

-Prenatal Yoga from 545-715pm
-Mixed Levels Classical Hatha Yoga from 730-900pm

-Baby & Me Yoga from 1230-200pm
-Prenatal Yoga from 545-715pm
-Mixed Levels Classical Hatha Yoga 730-900pm

For the rest of my public class schedule please look to the right hand column of my blog under "Labels" (I will soon be throwing together a facebook fan page as well to keep you updated on all things yoga and me)!

To register online for Roundhouse programs click here
Or call- 604-713-1800

Carbon Footprint - It's a way of measuring how much pollution is created by our activities, from driving a car to heating our homes.

Heres a little tidbit on reducing your carbon footprint

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I picked up a little paperback book from the check out isle and how it had quite a few tips on reducing your carbon footprint that I hadn't thought of before. Just this morning while half asleep, for the very first time I was aware of how much water I was boiling for my coffee and the energy it takes to do so.

I only boiled what I needed. That may be something that most people already do, but the truth is my kettle gets filled whether I am making a cup of tea, or a pot of coffee generally. Out of habit I just fill my kettle every single morning without thinking.

From now on I plan on being more mindful of this.
The little book says that completely filling the kettle for one cup of tea releases an unnecessary 125 cups of CO2. May not seem like much of a deal but every little bit makes a difference inlightening our Carbon Footprint. I"ll keep sharing new little changes I am making on my blog. I'm of course doing all the obvious things but there is always more we can do.