Thursday, June 30, 2011

allow yourself to just breathe and let go..

According to yoga scriptures, the heart center can be opened indirectly to cultivating compassion and kindness, calmness and dispassion, or directly through the focused practice of pranayama, or both. -Beryl Bender Birch

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's PTSD Awareness Day.

Chances are extremely high that you know someone with PTSD. It is common among Veterans as we know, but it's not only Veterans who get it. I happen to know a lot about this disorder and one day when I have the time I'll do a longer post about it. (It's getting late and I only just realized that its PTSD Awareness day)! Folks with PTSD basically have a faulty fight or flight response which can be very debilitating for those with the disorder (and tough on their loved ones and families as well.) People with PTSD often suffer from flashbacks, nightmares/sleep disturbances, anxiety attacks, depression and dissociation, and they sadly sometimes wind up making their world very small due to the avoidance of triggers. It is a very debilitating disorder, and one that people need to work at on a daily basis. Therapy helps (cognitive behavioral therapy in particular ,whether one on one or in a group setting.) Yoga is very helpful for PTSD on many levels providing many tools for coping and helping to self regulate the nervous system (therefore counterracting the fight or fight response etc.) The practice of mindfulness meditation and breathwork (pranayama) are a godsend for people with PTSD (as all anxiety disorders).

Really happy to see that there is a PTSD Awareness Day! Its a start :)

Its time to register & here's my schedule!

All Yoga classes with me begin this week at The Roundhouse!
(Corner of Davie St @ Pacific Blvd-Yaletown)
To register click here

Tuesdays it's Prenatal Yoga from 545pm-715pm
and Mixed Levels Hatha from 730pm-900pm

Thursdays- Baby and Me Yoga is from 1230pm-200pm, Prenatal Yoga is 545pm-715pm and Mixed levels Hatha from 730pm-900pm

Mount Pleasant Community Centre more convenient for you? (Main St @ Broadway)
Mondays it's Baby and Me Yoga from 1045pm-1200pm and Daytime Yoga from 1230pm-200pm
Wednesdays it's Daytime Yoga from 1230m-200pm and Prenatal Yoga from 630pm-745pm
For more information and to register click here

If a session has already begun costs are prorated so you can still sign up (and the classes you missed will be deducted from the price). *Registering not only ensures a program will run but you will save you $3.00 per class

yoga shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. This is affordable yoga. namaste & see you on the mat!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi have a great many similarities.

All three practices attempt to heal the body by unblocking energy restrictions.
I like when he says "You will feel different because you are different."
I think that any of us with a practice can attest to that.

Roger Jahnke "Health Patriot" from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hey Vancouverites! Wanna turn down the suck and turn up the good?

Clicking play is precisely how to do it.
Let's face it, we've all been bummed about all insanity thats gone down. Sit back and let this little guy tell you the story of Jack and the beanstalk. The two's aren't all terrible. Enjoy and be happy. Life is so beautiful♥

Goin' to Main St Car free day?

If you do, make sure you stop by The Fab Fair at Heritage Hall to say hello to me while you're there! Good times all around, and a great way to celebrate all those incredible baby daddies out there!
(just leave the car at home). Namaste xo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breast Massage

Breast massage may sound like a strange concept for some but did you know it has amazing benefits? For all the stages of our lives.

*including helping lactating mom's with blockages etc.

We know that yoga stimulates lymph flow and strengthens our endocrine and immune systems, but breast tissue is still fatty tissue that doesn't really get exercised in the conventional sense. Even with all the yoga I practice I have fluid filled cysts that come and go, and our breasts just change and change. Its hard to know what's happening in there! I found myself this morning thinking about an RMT friend of mine here in Vancouver who is extensively trained in breast massage and her name is Angie Mrau. This video looks fine for familiarizing yourself with your breasts but I really can't recommend enough seeing a professional and Angie's your gal (And remember, Massage therapy is covered by MSP)!

For more info on Angie Mrau click here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life." -Socrates

I'm sick of the word busy. "How are you ? very busy.." "You? Oh the same...just extremely busy".

I am just so sick of being busy. I find that thats all I hear, and say anymore. I am really bored of hearing myself say it.
I came to the realization last week when I was super stressed and unable to keep up with deadlines and such (and I found myself so stressed that even my decades long yogic tools weren't cuttin' it) that I have simply said yes to too many things. Since then I have been watching my use of the word. Yesterday I spent the most delightful day at my community garden plot and was so happy to see my garden friends. All we could speak about was how busy we are/have been. It's an epidemic. I am really convinced the whole world is busier than ever. I remember Seane Corn once telling me to "pick my battles wisely" when I asked her how she manages her time. As difficult as it can be to set limits, I am slowing things down. I am taking my own advice and practicing what I preach as far as the self care goes. I will certainly not be clearing my schedule (not by a long shot)! I'm just setting some limits. I love what I do so much. Both the teaching and the volunteer activities. I just plan on carving out more time for me. More nature and less busyness. More time at the garden, and less busyness. More road trips to the Island, less busyness, less computer time (my facebook friends will all tell ya, thats a HUGE one for me haha), and MORE downtime, doing more of what is depicted in the photograph above! Not sure where it all went wrong, and I know its easier said then done but I'm going to try. I'll let you know how it goes! Good luck to you as well. I know I am in good company. Summers almost here and its short in these here parts. Remember you & your self care.
Truly, nobody can do it for ya.
See you on the mat. Namaste xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I ♥ Babyvibe. heres a little article I recently wrote for them.

To read my little article on Baby and me yoga click here.

Babyvibe is your trusted voice for new and expecting parents in Canada, delivering pint-sized news, product reviews, tips and family friendly event listings.

If you don't already receive their newsletter make sure you sign up!
It is truly a wealth of information.Their website is here and you can find them on twitter here and faceboook here :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reflections of Motherhood

A beautiful mommy friend of mine named Sharla posted this on her facebook this morning. My favourite is "Google doesn't have children". I'd add just one more to the list..."Don't be afraid to ask for help".

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How would you like to be walking down the street and bang, outta the blue...

Someone rides up on their bike and hands you a gift? And it's a beautiful piece of art? Sounds like a dream to me! A really amazing dream!

what is Papergirl?

Papergirl is an art project from Berlin. In the style of American paper-boys, rolled art pieces will be distributed by bicycle in the streets of Vancouver to random passers-by.

Art should be accessible to everyone. That is the spirit behind Papergirl, the pedal-powered and volunteer ridden project that combines art, philanthropy, and bikes!

A redefinition of street art, Papergirls volunteer cyclists criss cross the city delivering art directly into the hands of perfect strangers. From August 22 to 27 the Roundhouse Community Center will display an assortment of donated artworks before the art is bundled up and given away on the street. It’s the art of giving away art.

Like the Facebook page here and tell your artist friends! Send in your submissions! More info can be found at the Roundhouse website here

The official Papergirl links are PapergirlBerlin and PapergirlUSA !

Can't wait :)

You can never have too much art or culture or generosity or just plain coolness in a city in my opinion! Tell your friends and spread the love, and the art!