Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January in these parts

Signs of spring are right outside your window if you live in Vancouver

The winter hasn't gotten to me yet this year (heres hopin' it stays that way)!

Just this morning I snapped this pic of daffodils making their way out of the ground outside our window! There are buds on many of the trees out there and I haven't had to turn on my sad lamp yet, which is very unusual. I know it could all change tomorrow (or in the next 10 minutes haha). I mean we could get a blizzard! But for now, enjoy.

If winter is getting to you, try going out for a walk with your camera. You'll see signs of spring everywhere you look.

Man invents machine to convert plastic into oil

This is amazing! A girlfriend sent this to me this morning and wow...
Read the subtitles, it's in Japanese.