Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Came across a wish tree today...

People in my neighborhood made a "wish tree". It was a pleasant sight to see. Many of the wishes were for more trees. People wished for health and happiness for loved ones, and someone even wished to become a grandparent. Looking at the wishes made me happy, and I couldn't help but make a wish that the wishes of all who posted their wishes, came true.

Have you ever felt this way? I hope you do.

One beautiful June afternoon, as I stood on my ladder, I was overcome with a feeling of what I can only describe as profound and utter well-being. For no apparent reason, I dropped through some unexpected crack in my ordinary mode of consciousness into a state of "time out of time". The most mundane moments were infused with the deepest sense of satisfaction. The enhancing perfume of the iris at my feet; the steady hum of farm machinery in the distant field; the cat curled up in the sun, watching; even the rich oil smell of the paint.
it all seemed so completely right. I was utterly OK.
-Stephen Cope