Monday, August 9, 2010

Time to register for Fall at Mt.Pleasant!!! Do it.Do it. Do it.

Registration started today for all of my Mt.Pleasant classes so....

Let's do it up!
**And don't forget the Roundhouse, fall registration starts up there soon as well!
(and classes there are ongoing)!**
The RH website is:
Phone number is 604-713-1800

You can register online, on the phone (or of course in person ;)

All new sessions starting up:

If you have been thinking of revisiting yoga or even if you have never attended a class, these classes are for you. Perfect for beginners or for those who like more of a challenge as well.

* And I might add that these classes are affordable. I do my best to keep my classes as absolutely reasonable as I can get away with. Classes work out to be about $10 a class if you register, and if paying drop-in it's $12.
I really really keep them as low as I possibly can ♥. ॐ. ♥. ॐ. ♥.

So...register away!
(Some classes fill up quickly so I have got to recommend registering).

Mt.Pleasant classes are as listed below: *website is here *phone number is 604-257-3080

-Daytime Yoga (Mixed Levels Hatha) classes 2 classes per week on both Mondays & Wednesdays from -1230-200

-Prenatal Yoga Wednesday evenings 630-745-
*this class almost always has a waiting list so register asap!

-Baby & Me Yoga Monday 1045-1200.

The rest of my public schedule is in the right hand column of my blog under "Labels"
Any questions don't hesitate to contact me or either centre :)

Namaste & see you on the mat!

A Herb Walk

I thought I'd share this video because I find it sweet and very informative.
Todd Caldecott is a Medical Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner with a practice here in Vancouver. He also has an amazing website chock full of information to help keep you and your loved ones happy healthy. His website is here

As much as the rain gets to me sometimes it is pretty amazing living in a rainforest where it is just so lush, and green, and fragrant, all year long.
Even in the dead of winter it is green green green....

We can't really complain having countless forests and the ocean for a backyard. Literally! I mean, who really even needs a backyard living here?

Anyways, enjoy this little video and check out Todds site.

But remember that medicinal herbs are drugs and should be treated that way. if you are expecting or breastfeeding always make sure that you check with your healthcare provider/midwife/herbalist/caregiver etc.