Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is amazing. This is really and TRULY amazing!

Have you ever heard of a "pop up shop" that donates 100% of it's net profits to wonderful local charities? (And has beautiful and amazing merchandise from local businesses that you would totally buy?)

I stopped by Capers in Kit's today for lunch and while on the patio sadly noticed that Duthies Books had closed down. :(

I looked a little closer and saw that a 'pop up shop' was going to be temporarily taking over the space. I looked in the window and saw beautiful household furnishings, art, clothes...all sorts of things.

I went inside and was told the place wasn't opening until June 2 but that all of the profits were going to two wonderful children's charities that I happen to love!

This is hard to believe but it's completely cool and legit!
What a wonderful concept!

The place will only be open for 4-6 weeks so I suggest getting down very soon!

I may do my Holiday shopping early this year just to be able to partake!

The exact location is 2239 W 4th Ave right next to Capers (where Duthie's Books used to be) 4th Avenue, just E of Vine.

Make sure you check it out. I'll be seeing you there!

For more information here's their site-