Saturday, April 16, 2011

You MUST visit The City of Vancouver Archives photo stream. Fascinating..

[View of English Bay beach and pier showing Englesea Lodge, Sylvia Court Apartments and the bathhouse]

[View of east False Creek showing the C.P.R. Drake Street Roundhouse and coal trestle, and the Cambie Street Bridge]

[View of the C.N.R. Station under construction and the completed G.N.R. (Union) Station] March.23.1918.

From top to bottom..
1)English Bay beach looking west towards Stanley Park-1913
2) English Bay beach present day (last year)

3) View of False Creek showing the C.P.R. Drake Street Roundhouse, coal trestle and Cambie St. Bridge-August 19 1916
4) A pic I took from the Granville St Bridge looking west present day

5)The C.P.R Roundhouse and turntable-1964-courtesy of Rick Horne
6) Pic I took modern day

7) C.N.R. Station (Union station) under construction March 23 1918
8) Pacific Station as it is today. Snapped this pic last Sunday.

This little blog can't do any of the pictures justice. You really must check out the City of Vancouver Archives (all old photos here courtesy of them). Click here for a link. Check out the panoramic shots! Unreal. I've been looking through them for hours upon hours.. Enjoy.

Yoga Saves

Angry? Feeling disconnected? Great little video with Hala Khouri and some at-risk and incarcerated youth in LA. Yoga has helped these young men tap into their inner strength, like who they are, and realize they have choices so they can find some peace and clarity and deal with their anger, trauma and stress. Yoga offers them (and us) tools to find peace in the chaos of life. Yoga is a powerful contributer to social change. It's the high without the drugs. (seriously). Yoga and/or other mindfulness based practices should be taught in every school in the world as far as I am concerned. Couldn't help but share this video. Namaste.