Monday, August 2, 2010

With such a small life, with such a small energy source, it is simply stupid to waste it in sadness, in anger, in hatred, in jealousy. Use it in love, use it in some creative act, use it in friendship, use it in meditation: Do something with it which takes you higher. And the higher you go, the more energy sources become available to you. At the highest point of consciousness, you are almost a god. OSHO

A few of the cats..

Yeah, I'm feelin' a little punchy today..
(these are pics from yoga dogs calendars. and yoga cats)

website is here

My favourite would have to be "cheeto" as I have always had a thing for orange tabbies.

cute cute and more cute!

Yoga Dogs calendars were created by Alejandra Borris a former Yoga teacher and her husband Dan Borris.

They came out with a Yoga Cats calendar as well. (I'll include a few cat pics in my next post)

Their website is

(I went a little overboard on the pics but couldn't help it. They're all so funny & cute)!