Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One little gadget has helped me in unforseeable ways.

Yeah, it's a cheap-o dollar store kitchen timer.

I have just been truly amazed at how much more I have been getting done and how much lower my stress level has been the past couple of months since I put my little timer to work.

At first I thought it may add to my stress (knowing it is ticking away somewhere in the background timing me while I do some of my favourite time-wasting/enjoyable things I like to do). But the truth is I have found the opposite to be true!

I started off using it for laundry and cooking, then naps, then facebook and surfing the web. (The facebook part really scared me as I am someone who who would happily pay for facebook I love it so much!)

I could (and have) easily spent WAY too much time on that thing. But I love it!

I haven't removed any fun & enjoyable things from my life (and have no interest in that). I just wanted to free up more time to enjoy as many other of my interests as I could each day. And I have!

And it cost me a buck. The best investment I have ever made.

If you are like me and could use a little help better distributing your time you might just enjoy having a timer as much as I do.

More time=way more fun
Just thought I'd share