Friday, August 6, 2010

I'd be lyin' if I said I had never done any of these asanas.

Thanks to yoga I do them very rarely (and no I have never done the kicking cat). I'm an expert at the calm before the storm. And have been known to do the wiggling Matsyasana on occasion. haha...what about you?

Marilyn's been known for a lot of things..

A Sex symbol, a pop and cultural icon...

ahem- [clears throat-shhh..] her connection with the Kennedys. But maybe she connected her mind with her body as well on occasion? These pics have been floating around on the web so I thought I'd share. RIP Marilyn & Namaste

Elderly Couple of 62 Years plays piano

I LOVE the elderly and hope to be elderly myself one day!

They say there are two kinds of people.
"The elderly, and those who WILL be the elderly" -*if one is lucky.

Such wisdom... and on top of that, they sure know how to rock!