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I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years now and I’m delighted to see how so many people in the West have taken to yoga over the past few years.  I’m also always on the search for an authentic Yoga Teacher who conducts a class out of love and passion for something that can be so beneficial at it’s simplest state.   To me, this person is Lori Lucas. 

Lori is compassionate and caring and yet well educated in the authenticity of yoga. She reads her participants well and provides a program that is perfectly suited for each and every individual in the room.

I don’t have children myself, but I have recommended Lori’s Prenatal Class to friends who are pregnant and they’ve all mentioned how easy going and yet professional Lori is, and how patient and understanding she is of the different levels of stress the body and emotions go through during pregnancy. 

Lori is not only bubbly and approachable; she is also professional and well educated.  Someone who works with people in the depth that Lori does, needs to be well rounded and well grounded.  There doesn’t seem to be an opportunity that Lori doesn’t take on, her skills as a Doula & Yoga Practitioner and her outgoing personality are incredible assets.

Because of her outgoing personality and different teachings, Lori seems to take on every aspect of being self employed to its fullest. From, volunteering, blogging, social networking and more, she still commits to each and every class with 100% of her energy and enthusiasm, resulting in a fabulous class and happy participants.

In 2009 and I spent 6 months doing yoga in India, when I returned, I wanted to find someone who had great respect for the ancient teachings and who delivered them in a simple and non-flaky way – that’s when I met Lori! In my eyes, she’s absolutely fabulous!- Marnie Grey

I’ve been a student of Lori’s Hatha yoga classes for nearly four years. I’ve taken part in her “Mixed Levels Yoga”, “Prenatal Yoga” and her “Baby & Me Yoga” classes at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Lori is an incredibly warm and welcoming individual and her classes were reflective of her amazing character. Lori managed to teach her Hatha yoga principals to all levels and ages, challenging those who were more experienced while guiding and positively correcting beginners and novices.
Besides all of the positive health benefits (fitness, stretching to avoid injury in sport, pain management, faster recuperation from pregnancy), I found Lori’s classes to be relaxing and soothing which was one of my main incentives for attending. I truly enjoyed the atmosphere she created by using tools such as music, aromatherapy and a quiet warmly lit space. Lori had to be very inventive and resourceful to create such an environment given the space she has to work with in the rooms at the community center where she was based.

I was further impressed with Lori’s ability to be so sensitive, reassuring and gentle with expecting mothers in her prenatal classes. Her knowledge of the health concerns and issues of pregnancy was likely due to her experience as a seasoned doula and labor coach. Finally in the Baby & Me classes I was again impressed with her ability to work with new mothers. Lori has such incredible patience and created a quiet and welcoming space that all of us sleep-deprived and sometimes fragile new mothers so needed. She was always there to listen to our stories, complaints and issues and was always positive and caring putting her students’ needs first. Lori also offered any resources and recommendations she could to her students going above and beyond her duties as an instructor. I continue to attend Lori’s classes and to recommend her classes to friends and acquaintances.- Andrea Gesner

I have been taking part in Lori's Mixed Levels yoga class at The Roundhouse Community Centre, and have been very pleased with the experience. 

Lori has a very pleasant and cheerful personality, and everyone is sincerely welcome in her class.  Lori is very professional and  is always well prepared and organised for class and creates a tranquil setting for us.   Lori is clearly very skilled as a yoga practitioner and as a teacher.  The mixed levels class I attend is mixed in every sense of the word ~ gender, age, and ability level ~ with the added challenge of drop in students.  Not many instructors could handle those demands, but Lori certainly can!  Lori always begins class by asking if anyone is experiencing any problems or concerns and, in response, she incorporates suitable poses into our class.  Lori clearly demonstrates each pose and provides options so each person can fully participate at their level. 

I was so pleased with Mixed Levels yoga, that I've added Lori's Yin yoga to my routine.  I've had the opportunity to practise yoga in Turkey, Montréal and  two other community centres in Vancouver, and I must say, Lori is by far the best yoga teacher I've had to date.  It is my pleasure to recommend Lori Lucas as a yoga instructor or presenter. -Eva

     I have had the privilege of assisting Lori Lucas in her Limited Mobility Yoga Class that was running at the Roundhouse Community Centre from approximately September 2011 to March 2012.  In that time, her passion and knowledge for teaching really was evident.  Her compassion for the students and myself that she brought with her every class made the space a place of acceptance, safeness and personal growth.  Whether it be conquering a yoga position that one’s body didn’t allow last class, or finally accepting one’s limitations and embracing them, Lori was there for each student with empathy, support and always a smile. 
     She always started the class asking how everybody was doing, and took the time to really listen to the students.  Student’s suggestions were always listened to and incorporated into the class, whether it be working on certain body parts or a slower paced class for students wanting a more mellow class. Lori always accommodated happily.  Her teaching style was refreshing to listen to.  She would incorporate real life facts and situations into her class that made it feel more personal and not just “get into this position or that”.   It was apparent that all the students felt comfortable and loved coming to Lori’s class, as they all left looking forward to next week’s session.
     I have learned so much from assisting Lori in her Limited Mobility Class that the experience was priceless, and would jump at the chance again to learn from this remarkable woman. Her experience, knowledge and passion for yoga are things that I hope I have the great pleasure of acquiring in my life time.- Courtney Juke

I met Lori when I was just 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I had never been to yoga before and was not sure what to expect, but practicing yoga with Lori made me feel so good and relaxed that I soon found myself completely hooked on Yoga and of course Lori! She makes you feel safe and secure and by practicing gentle prenatal yoga I also felt totally prepared for birth, all my aches disappeared and I felt energetic and soooo relaxed. After the birth of my baby, I (of course) went to “baby and me yoga” with Lori and later when my daughter was getting too big for baby yoga I practiced regular Yoga with Lori. Lori has such a big heart and she makes you feel loved. I am very happy that I can call her my friend.
I would (and do) recommend Lori Lucas to any pregnant and non-pregnant woman I know. - Caroline de Vos

I have the amazing privilege of having Lori as my yoga instructor since March of 2009. I met Lori a few week's after I had my daughter at one of her mummy and baby yoga classes. We instantly hit it off, and I was amazed at her skills not only as an instructor but also with her ability of creating a comfortable, calm and easy environment to practice yoga in.  I continued to take Lori's class weekly. After a few weeks had passed my daughter started showing signs of a colicky baby.  Lori was amazing at helping me with my daughter through her classes that I was able to get some much needed rest and exercise in her classes. She'd bounce my daughter on an exercise ball for the majority of the class while instructing by voice.  It changed my life, I was able to relax and give back to myself.  Then in June when I was in a car accident and started having back trouble Lori was once again to my rescue. Since I was nursing constantly, I couldn't do other forms of rehabilitation as I couldn't be away from my daughter, but since I could bring my daughter and I trust Lori, I was able to start working on regaining my strength back. Lori is an extremely amazing person who always gives everything to those around her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her as a yoga instructor (or friend) to anyone. My life is truly enriched having her in it. - Naomi Morrison 

In the past five years, I have benefitted immensely from being a client of Lori Lucas’s.  I have enrolled in various offerings of her classes at our local community centre: prenatal yoga, baby and me yoga, and mixed levels Hatha yoga. 

I first met Lori at a mutual acquaintance’s baby shower.  Lori immediately impressed me with her spirit, knowledge, and enthusiasm.  I made a mental note to join her class as soon as I became pregnant and my life has been richer for it. 

Lori’s prenatal yoga class, which I participated in for both my pregnancies, was beneficial to me in so many ways.  Physically, it provided an invaluable program of stretching, strengthening, and relaxation that kept my body fit and strong throughout my pregnancies.  Emotionally, I felt secure and cared for in her class.  Mentally, the class provided an outlet to release stress, worries, and focus on my health and happiness. 

If I had to describe Lori’s style of yoga instruction in one word, it would be: supportive.  Like most women, I was particularly concerned with my health and the health of my baby during my pregnancies.  Given Lori’s supportive style of teaching and her experience as a doula, I trusted her completely with my physical health.  Her philosophy is one of mindfulness, responsiveness, and autonomy.  She would often begin the class by informing clients, “This is your yoga practice.  If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  Listen to your body.  Modify.  This is your time.”

In Lori’s prenatal yoga class, she offered many variations to each pose to ensure that each client was comfortable and safe.  She emphasized breathing techniques, which I personally found invaluable during my labours.  She explained many of the physical changes that take place in the body during pregnancy to help clients understand what they might be feeling and what they were capable of (or not).  She offered personal assistance if a client had a particular challenge.  She also offered techniques to relieve many common discomforts brought on by pregnancy, such as heartburn and sciatica. 

Lori’s supportive style of instruction is consistent with all her classes.  In her baby and me yoga class, she offers modifications and insight to new mothers and even brings playthings for the little ones.  In her mixed level Hatha class, she consistently ensures that all clients feel safe and unpressured to perform or compete with others in her class.

I would absolutely recommend that Lori’s immense knowledge and experience be shared with other instructors to the benefit of women everywhere.- Kim Steger

I met Lori two years ago in Pre Natal Yoga.  I was very nervous on going at first because I have never done Yoga.  Pre Natal yoga with Lori was very uplifting, not only was i stretching and getting my body ready to give birth.  Lori put my mind at ease and made me feel less nervous with what was going to happen in 20 weeks.  .  Lori taught me to breathe relax and forget all my troubles.  I had a terrific birth and I must say it had a lot to do with Lori.

After my son was born I attended mommy and me yoga. It was perfect, It was somewhere I go to attend to my baby if I needed too and also talk with the other moms who are going through the same stresses 
Lori's class was great, again stretching and breathing helped me through a lot of my baby blues. 

Lori is more then just a yoga instructor, she is also a great friend.  She has been there for me during pregnancy and after.  She is a very sweet caring and understanding person.  Her Yoga is amazing.  She is a very good instructor and lets you go at your own pace.  She never judges and is always there to guide you through one of her classes.  

 Lori has introduced me to the world of yoga and as for that I thank her. 
-Carmen Mann

Thank you so much for your superb teaching, great sense of humor, compassion, generosity. You're so real and such an urban yogi. Your guidance helped me feel "open to grace" again. That means a lot to me. I'll always remember these times with gratitude. It's an amazing treat every single week. -Mana Shirazi-Kia

Lori Lucas has been my yoga instructor since March 2010.  i had just come back from three months of backpacking and my back was in a mess, due to a back injury from a car accident years ago. i have been taking Lori's classes continuous since then at least once a week, mostly twice a week when i can.  i have noticed a huge improvement in my practice and my back no longer bothers me.  my body is stronger, my mind is calmer and Lori has guided my journey with compassion and friendship.

i have been taking yoga classes on and off for the last 10 years and Lori is my favorite teacher i have ever had.  she is a credit to her profession.
-Justine Greer

When I first found out that there was a program dedicated to prenatal yoga, I was relieved. Then I found Lori's class and could not wait to begin. When I met Lori for the first time, I felt welcomed and comfortable. She beamed a light of positive energy. That's important when dealing with a room full of hormone filled pregnant women. 

She made every class different and catered to our individual needs depending on whatever stage we were at in our pregnancy. She made me feel like my individuality was important, by reminding me that every woman, pregnancy and yoga practice is different. She helped me by giving me poses to do at home, catered to my specific needs. I then knew she cared about me and my health and my baby's health. 

I am so thankful to have found Lori's class during my pregnancy. It helped me sleep, it helped me stay calm and connected within and to my baby. 

I continue to take Lori's class with my baby and will continue to take her class. I would absolutely recommend Lori's class for every pregnant woman and anyone for that matter.
-Lyren Cherlet

Lori is simply a wonderful yoga teacher. I began taking her prenatal classes in 2007, when pregnant with my first child. Since then I have taken many terms of classes with her – Mum and Baby yoga, Hatha yoga, and Prenatal yoga again when pregnant with my second child – both at Mount Pleasant Community Centre, and at The Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver. I keep going back to Lori’s classes because of the wonderfully warm and supportive environment she provides for the practise of yoga. When I first attended I did  not know a single pose. She teaches in a way that is accessible to everyone and allows everyone in the room to develop confidence and move at their own pace and in accordance with the potential of their own bodies. Her instructions are very succinct and clear, and she regularly checks people’s poses without being invasive. She always offers both less and more challenging poses for those who need them. She picks up on the energy levels of her students on different days and modifies the class routine to fit. She speaks just enough – generating a very positive yet meditative energy in the room.

As a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, Lori is very careful to explain the poses that should or should not be tried in different stages of pregnancy, and by those with varying birth experiences or pregnancy conditions. She offers lots of gentle modifications and encourages deep rest as well as exertion.  Her prenatal classes really are amazing. I think a class with her would be a wonderful opportunity for teachers unfamiliar with prenatal yoga.

The very best thing about Lori’s classes though is Lori herself. She is one of the most positive, generous, genuine, and energising people I have ever met. She is deeply passionate about yoga, and she is a natural healer. Everyone leaves her classes suffused with this incredible energy, revitalised, and with renewed strength.  
-Heather Walmsley

" 'In June of 2010 I suffered serious injury which severely impacted my mobility.  After a year of fairly intense rehab where my recovery was good, but stalled, I decided to try rehabilitative yoga as a means of increasing fluidity of movement and lessening pain.  I was fortunate to meet Lori who brought both a superior knowledge of yoga's restorative potential as well as a surprising degree of empathy regarding the effects of traumatic injury.  I can fully attest to Lori's personal compassion and patience.  When combined with her deep understanding of yoga, particularly with respect to managing regular practice within the limits of one's personal condition, these qualities have made Lori the ideal instructor for this stage of my own recovery.   I would not hesitate to recommend Lori's classes for anyone whose aspiration is to increase personal well being within a framework of a supporting environment and thoughtful encouragement.'

Byron B.,
Brain Hemorrhage Survivor"