Sunday, June 20, 2010

Savasana with Sarah Powers

I love Sarah Powers and have greatly enjoyed workshops with her in the past and hope to again.

I thought I'd share her description of Savasana (corpse pose) here.

For many it's the hardest pose of all.

And remember... savasana can be practiced anytime, not just at the end of class.

I hope you take the time to invite a little peace into your life this weekend.
I'm off to enjoy one right now

Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh baby daddies! Happy Fathers day to you!

Whether you are the father of a baby or toddler, a teenager (then you really deserve a medal- haha!) or like my dad...the father of two sweet little girls in their 40's and fifties. Holy cow!!

You are a baby daddy. I can only imagine that as a dad your children will always be your babies to you, just like the mom's I know. I have had the great privilege and honour of knowing so many wonderful dads. My hat goes off to you dads! I love my momma's out there, but I sure love and admire those dads as well.

You rock parents! Somehow you all make it look so easy and I will never truly know your secret.

Til then, I'll just keep admiring you and supporting you every way I can.

Loads of love to you this Sunday on your "day of days!" Hope you get spoiled rotten whether your little munchkins are 4 or 40 or beyond

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Introduction to Yin Yoga

Teaching mindfulness to kid's~Susan Kaiser Greenland

Some of you may know that I teach one children's yoga class per week. It's a lunch time school program. The kid's are adorable, tons of fun, bright, and there is never a dull moment!

My reasons for doing it may sound a little selfish but the truth is...I get to teach these kids things that I really really wish were taught to me as a child!

And yes we have lot's of fun too. We don't sit and meditate for the 40 minutes (not at all) we jump around, play yoga games, tell stories, and we've been known to bark and meow and do all sorts of wacky things! The kid's know all about breathing and what their breath can do.

And believe it or not they all have a lovely relaxation/savasana at the end and go back to school clear, refreshed and relaxed!

Ahhh the power and beauty of Yoga (these are grade 1's to grade 4's).
This class always has a waiting list.

Anyways, I am always looking for creative new ideas for these classes and came across this woman. She has some very interesting and simply explained ways to present some of the invaluable life tools that we get from our yoga so thought I'd share.

I love the snow-dome/glitter-ball idea. Me & my kids are done for the summer but I'll be adding a glitter-ball to my bag of tricks for the fall!

It's never too early to teach kid's mindfulness. It's never too early or too late!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Registration is on for the summer!

Just a heads up that Summer registration is on at both Mount Pleasant CC and The Roundhouse. (link to schedule and both places to the right of here)
So go on...register away! You know I'd love to see ya!

I've gotta fly (literally!) I decided to get away after all.

I'm tradin' in the rainforest for the desert...

I'll let you know how my adventure goes when I get back here!

Next class with me is Thursday June 17!
Take care & I'll see ya then ;)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No classes with me for a week (and a day)

There has been some confusion lately about which days I will be off on vacation. (haha..the confusion has been all mine!)

I booked off some dates months and months ago to go on a trip I am no longer going on. I have been debating whether to keep my classes going or to take the week off, and I decided to go with the week off.

Not sure what I'll do or where i'll go..

Although many of my students don't want me to take my week off, haha.. my gut is telling me to, so I will. Who knows what's in store for that week? Maybe I will get away for a couple of days after all? The garden perhaps? (I have been totally been slacking in the garden department)

Or maybe just loads and loads of glorious yoga for me?? That would be a treat.

Anyways, there is so much research on the benefits of a vacation and I am planning on reaping some of those benefits next week from Tuesday June 8 until Wednesday June 16. I'll be missing my classes though rest assured.

Maybe I'll even run into some of you during my little "vacation"
Namaste & hugs to you,
P.S. How long has it been since you've had a vacation?