Friday, November 12, 2010

Maru keeps tryin' ;)

If you have or had cats you know that the great majority of them love love love boxes, laundry baskets, bags..anything they can crawl into. I once came home to a cat with a glass jar stuck on it's head (and that wasn't good). It had to be smashed off and was pretty scary (he wound up being just fine btw). Anyhow, a friend posted this on facebook and Maru is cute and never gives up. And he tries to make the most out of what he has. Thought I'd share

Cute little commercial for East vanity Parlour

Heres the latest commercial for my favourite little hair place in the world! East Vanity Parlour. Kristi and the gals will beautify you up like never before! It's
located directly across the road from Mount Pleasant CC. Come to Yoga, then walk across the road & get beautified. Feel good AND look good :) I'll actually be in the chair tomorrow and can't wait. I have been putting my head in Kristi's hands for years now. Support your local businesses people! It feels good and you'll look great. I promise:)