Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gettin' scared yet?

Wooo hoo! It's almost Halloween and I for one can't wait!
I just finished teaching a yoga class and afterwards we all discussed our spooky plans! I know where I'll be, and I am hoping to see YOU in Yaletown down at the Roundhouse!

Did you know that you can trick or treat through Yaletown for free? It's courtesy of the Yaletown Business Improvement Association. You can join performers and musicians as they parade their way through Yaletown on Sunday Oct 31, and thats from 3:30-5:30. Talk about some howlin' good times :)
Pick up a trick or treat route map at the Roundhouse front desk on the day of... and away you go!
After that come and see us at the Roundhouse for some ghoulish good times from 4:30-7:30!
Admission is just $5 bucks and it promises to be so very fun! You can dance to some Halloween favourites in our "Creepy Hollow". There will be batty crafts, ghoulish activities and so much more.

I know thats where I'll be, thats for sure! Come and have some good spooky fun for the whole family! Register at the Roundhouse front desk today! 604-713-1800
*Please bring a donation for the food bank to support us in helping those in need.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Take a little time out of your day to really let go...even a few minutes. Just take the time and watch what happens.

When you release a deep breath, think of the muscles letting go of the bones. On the next exhale, think of the brain, the mind, and the cranial muscles letting go of thoughts and worry. On the release of breath, think of letting the heart and muscles around it relax. Each release of breath becomes a deep cleansing and letting go on many different levels: physical, emotional, mental, and other levels we're not conscious of.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Philosopher Gottfried Leibniz – “Love is to be delighted by the happiness of another."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Join me at the BC Cancer Agency Saturday October 23!

I'm proud beyond words to be representing The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada at the BC Cancer Agency on Saturday October 23! There will be presentations by Oncologists and other Healthcare Specialists. Networking, Support groups and more! Lunch is provided and it's FREE to patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals. ♥.♥.♥.

Registration required- 1-800-265-5106 ext 231 or register online at

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Everyday gratitude

My partner and I often discuss how thankful we are.
Because we really are very thankful every single day. Even when things aren't going our way. Life is still really good even on the bad days (and could alway be a heck of a lot worse)!

We are both healthy and blessed to do for work, what we would do for free.
And we support each other. Whole heartedly and completely.

Life is always changing, but for now our lives are exactly what we want them to be.It is important to cherish each and every day as things can change at any moment, and will.

I once did a workshop with Nischala Devi. She told us that gratitude brings more Prana into our being. I believe it. Stockpile some Prana this Thanksgiving and remember it's always there for the taking.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones. Even the ones you may be estranged from. Send them love too, for they need it the most.
And feel gratitude deep in your heart, along with some extra Prana
Namaste xo

p.s. no yoga with me on monday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

change your attitude or relax with things the way they are

Oh my goodness I could say so much on this topic!

Many of us have seen the Dove campaign for real beauty called "The evolution of beauty" here and it's amazing. If you haven't seen it you should check it out.The video below is really, really amazing as well. Amazing and so true. I could say so very much on this topic but I am in a huge hurry this morning and only have a few minutes for this post. It breaks my heart to think of all the beautiful young girls (and some not so young, and some boys included) going through what they go through to be at a certain weight, look a certain way etc...

I was one of those girls a million years ago. And you know what? So were many of my girlfriends. Of course I like to look good. As a matter of fact I'm going to the beauty parlour this afternoon but I like to be healthy, and feel good on the inside too. I battled eating disorders in my younger years, have been dangerously thin, and in the 80's "diet pills" were big (these were bennies and speed. i'm just sayin').

I frequented tanning beds for years (to the point of getting skin cancer). I'm serious. I still go for yearly skin cancer check ups. I used to starve myself, was bulimic... Looking back I can't even believe it was me! It is truly so bizarre to me now! It sometimes takes years to get comfortable in your own skin but it's important to do whatever you need to do for that to happen (yoga helps a lot ).

So get any and all little girls you know to watch these videos and feel happy in their own skin and love who they are. They, like us are constantly being given these messages to live up to an impossible ideal, and it just couldn't be any more ridiculous.
Don't stop taking care of yourself, (and don't cancel your hair appointment haha)!
(personally I LOVE East Vanity Parlour at 46 Kingsway. You can click here for more info)

Just remember that we're all gorgeous! Cause we really are! And be kind. To yourself and others. That makes you more gorgeous then any make up, diet or plastic surgery ever could.

Gotta fly for now! Have a beautiful day:)

October is Brain Tumour awareness month♥

Brain Cancer is an orphan cancer that needs loads of more press than it gets! Did you know that 55,000 Canadians are living with a brain tumour right now? Including babies and children :(

Approximately 10,000 more folks are diagnosed with a brain tumour every single year here in Canada. Brain tumours are the leading cause of solid cancer death in children under the age of 20 and are the third leading cause of solid cancer death in young adults as well between the ages of 20-39. Fact.

We don't like to think about this stuff but it's all true and real life for too many people. Lets bring brain cancer to the forefront!! We need funding.

Here are some more Canadian facts about Brain Tumours:

-Because brain tumours are located in the control centre for thought, emotion, and movement, they can dramatically affect an individual's physical and cognitive abilities and quality of life.

-There are over 120 different types of brain tumours, making effective treatment very complicated.

-Brain tumours in children are different from those in adults and are often treated differently. Although as many as 60% of children with brain tumours will survive, they are often left with long-term side effects.

-Metastatic brain tumours are the leading cause of solid cancer death in children under the age of 20, now surpassing acute lymphoblastic leukemia. They are the third leading cause of solid cancer death in young adults ages 20-39.

-The most common type of primary brain tumour, glioblastoma multiforme, is also the most malignant. Average survival, even with aggressive treatment, is less than one year.

-Primary brain tumours (originating in the brain) occur in 8 out of 100,000 people.This number rises to approximately 32 per 100,000 when metastatic tumours (cancer originating in other areas of the body that has spread to the brain) are included.

-Metastatic brain tumours occur at some point in 20-40% of people with cancer

-Enhancing the quality of life for people with brain tumours requires access to quality special care, clinical trials, follow-up care and rehabilitative services.

-Currently, the Canadian medical system does not track statistics on primary brain tumours. Complete and accurate data is needed to facilitate the research that will lead to a better understanding of this disease and improved diagnosis and treatment.

For more information, resources, programs, and support and ideas on ways to help contact The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. You can click here for more info :)

Meditation is like training a dog. Your breath is the treat.

Do you meditate? Actively meditate when you are not on your yoga mat?
I highly recommend it and so do studies. Numerous studies. The more you can meditate the better, and it doesn't have to be complicated. At all. Even 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for starters, can literally change your life. I'm serious!

Cyndi Lee who turned out to be one of the highlights for me at this years Yoga Conference says that Meditation is like training a dog. Your breath is like the treat.

Those of us who meditate and practice yoga (it's the same thing by the way), know that it is impossible to just turn off our mind. But can you slow down your thoughts? Absolutely, and at will. You really can self regulate.

There are many meditation techniques out there (including walking meditation).
When you can..just sit. Just sit and watch your breath. When your mind wanders simply notice and come back to your breath. And remember...."your breath is the treat". You will notice a great many things come up and you'll notice "there's that thought". "yup, there it is again", "oh, there's another one". Items from your to-do list may pop into your mind. You may even feel the release of stress hormones flooding your body if it's a stressful thought (and if you do, it's all ok)! Sit with it and breathe and notice what happens. Just watch, observe and come back your breath. Just come back. Just come back to two more breaths.
Its challenging but it does get easier to quiet the mind, slow down your heart rate etc. I really can not recommend it enough. It can get ugly, annoying, uncomfortable, and even boring, but it is so very interesting to watch the mind.

Meditation is getting to know yourself. Warts and all. And the benefits are endless.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You were born for great things. It may feel strange saying it but it's true of all of us.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Yesterday a friend told me that the bank of Montreal stopped recognizing holidays.
Many other organizations and businesses have done the same as we know, and some I even might agree with. Some things just aren't "in" or politically correct in the eyes of some these days.

I was told specifically that "allegedly" they stopped recognizing Remembrance day and I certainly hope that is not true. If it is true it deeply saddens me. I really hope my friend is wrong .

Without getting too deeply into things here I would like to share an article I saw this morning in the Washington Post on brain injuries, war and Afghanastan. It is an American article but it really illustrates how difficult living with a brain injury can be and just how truly awful and absolutely devastating some can be.

The article is here

My friends and loved ones who know me well know that I have a few causes that I have a real soft spot for and one of them is Veterans, and more specifically PTSD.
This article doesn't speak of PTSD, but Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a brain injury as well, and you don't have to be serving overseas to have it. The walking wounded are all around us. Some diagnosed and many not, and we are in this world together.

Brain injuries aren't always obvious but can be a real challenge for the person (s) having them and their loved ones on a daily basis (and thats an understatement). It is important to remember that trauma changes the brain as well. There are the obvious brain injuries from shrapnel and explosions(as in the article), car accidents, falls, and brain tumours and surgeries, but trauma changes the brain as well. I just wanted to share this article in light of Remembrance Day coming up next month. I know it's difficult to read (I have a box of kleenex in front of me as I type), but it's real life.

Lets all be very kind to each other whenever possible. And I really hope to see you at the Cenotaph next month on Remembrance Day. I know I'll be there again.