Friday, September 24, 2010

The people have spoken! Again!

The Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre and Mt.Pleasant Community Centre have taken the number 1 and number 2 spots for the "Best Community Centre's in Vancouver" in the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver 2010 readers choice awards. No surprise to me whatsoever! We are blessed to have many fabulous Community Centre's in this beautiful city of ours (and more sprouting up all the time), but I certainly have a soft spot for the winners. Both of them. I love the staff, the instructors, the programs and of course all the beautiful participants, friends and yoga students I have met over the years. Even if you don't live in either neighborhood, I cannot recommend enough taking a trip to check out these fabulous places. Both are very cool and different from one another.

The Roundhouse is steeped in history and is absolutely stunning. It has the Engine 374 Pavilion and is brimming with cultural events, theatre, truly is spectacular and worth checking out.

Mt.Pleasant is brand spankin' new. We moved from the old location less than a year ago now and the place is very impressive...It's huge and has a gym, a climbing wall, a fitness centre, outdoor space, a cafe...and it also has a VPL library on site and a child development centre upstairs.

The Roundhouse also picked up the "Best Yoga Downtown" award through the Vancouver Courier "Stars of Vancouver 2010" readers choice awards.

And they both have yoga with me!!

There is something for everyone at both places whether yoga tickles your fancy or come check us out!!!

Just want to give a shout out the dads who have been coming to baby yoga lately

It takes a real man to come to baby and me yoga and I've been pleased to see a few lately at both Mt.Pleasant and The Roundhouse. It's yoga, and dad's need yoga too. There have been a few regulars over the years but not too many. Just wanted to make a little post to tell you how cool you are dads. I love my momma's but I love my baby daddies too! Feel free. I know that you will always be few and far between at baby yoga but know that you are more than welcome anytime.
Over the years I have had parents who have occasionally traded off with their partners as well. That is A OK. As long as there is room everyone is welcome. I have had grandparents, nannies, friends and aunties at baby yoga, and yes you are all welcome in my classes. There is simply not enough out there for the lovely men in our lives baby program-wise in my opinion. My baby and me programs are just that. Baby & me. Not strictly mom & baby and they never were. Just wanted to throw it out there. Namaste xo

Body Worlds

We all have one and we all hope it's going to last, remain disease and pain free (and looking half decent for as long as possible, let's be honest here)! If you have an interest in your body, aren't squeamish, have a fascination with the human body and would like to see what lies beneath your skin, I can not recommend enough taking advantage of this incredible one of a kind exhibit.

I have been looking forward to it's return for months!

It's Gunther von Hagens' Body Worlds.
It's back and is as magnificent as ever I am sure!
It's an Anatomical Exhibition of real human bodies. Personally I love it. It isn't gory. It is simply real (and very tasteful I might add).

This year it is Body Worlds-and the brain. Sunday's the big day for me. I bought my tickets weeks ago and will be dragging my partner back there again this year haha...
(just kidding he thinks it's cool too)

The exhibit is at Science World. For more info or to purchase tickets click here
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Namaste xo