Monday, May 30, 2011

Hope you got to get outside and enjoy some nature! Lucky for us it's everywhere...

This weekend was the annual Brain Tumour Foundations Spring Sprint and it was a HUGE success! Thankfully the weather cooperated s well (For more info on this marvelous organization click here). The event was held once again at such a lovely spot. Burnaby Lake Park (Click here for a map). Each time I go there I vow to return more than once a year. If you love nature, photography, the outdoors, bird watching (it's a wildlife reserve), or going for a nice stroll or a run, you really must go. I know we are blessed beyond belief with the ocean, seawall and stanley park on our doorsteps right downtown but Burnaby Lake Park is sooo worth a visit. And its a 15 minute drive. I took countless pics. Here are some. You can click on any to enlarge. Namaste.

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