Sunday, May 15, 2011

More reasons to get off our chairs and onto our mats.

We know what sitting does to our hips and back (and in turn our knees, neck, shoulders and mood) but the rest of it is pretty scary too! I know personally speaking that I have never sat as much in my life as I have the past few years (and as much as I hate to admit it it is getting worse with each year that passes)!
And our lovely weather doesn't help either at times sigh..

Well, thank goodness for yoga. It undoes all the damage caused by sitting. Bottom line is? Just move. Interrupt the sitting as often as you can.

See you at yoga and we'll chase the sitting blues away together
Registration is on now, and all new Roundhouse sessions are about to start next week.

Prenatal Yoga is Tues and/or Thurs 545pm-715pm
Baby and Me Yoga is Thurs from 1230pm-2pm
Mixed levels Hatha is Tues and/or Thurs 730pm-900pm
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Sitting is Killing You