Friday, July 8, 2011

I meet so many lovely people doing the work I do..

Some of us just practice together and share energy, which has its own quiet depth, and other times there are many heartfelt feelings shared, connections made, and even friendships built at times. I feel blessed every single day of my life. I do often receive correspondence through emails and cards and such, oftentimes speaking about how yoga has changed peoples lives, and I can certainly relate.On a whole bunch of levels.

This post is just to encourage anyone out there who has maybe given yoga a whirl and felt it just wasn't for them, to give it another go. There is a yoga class out there for you in your city. There really is. Find a good teacher and go.

I'll just share a tiny bit of an email I received from a student the other day
(I have the persons permission and am only including a small snippet.)
It goes:

"I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate how you teach your classes. I went to a "by donation" yoga class last weekend and had a really bad experience. I left the class partway through. I'm glad that your class was the first one I tried when I was deciding about yoga... because I feel like you create a really accepting environment... that accepts wherever people are at, and lets them engage at a level that's appropriate for their body. I have come to find a sense of safety in your class... "

I am willing to bet that the class they walked out of last weekend was another persons "favourite" class. I have no idea who's class it was but that is how yoga sometimes goes. I am really glad that the person enjoys my class so much. *And this person really means the world to me* but the thing is, different classes/styles resonate with different people. I just can't encourage you enough to give yoga another chance if you have had a similar experience. (most of us have at one time or another). There have no doubt been people who my class hasn't resonated with. And thats perfectly ok. Normal even.There are so many different ways to discover yoga regardless of where you live. So many styles and levels. Its all there waiting for you. If its been a while, why not give yoga another chance?Somewhere there is a mat with your name written all over it.
I really hope you will.


  1. Her comment is so true Lori, I've heard countless times "it all depends on who you get as a teacher". I did attend 1 class where I couldn't keep up, I was 3 moves behind and came out more stressed than when I went in. I decided at that point that I was too old for yoga. About six months later I signed up for a seniors class which I found a little "too slow" and then I found you. I was so nervous on that first day that I wouldn't be able to keep up. You are so gentle and caring in your teaching. That's why I brought my sister to your class so she wouldn't be scared away from yoga! Hope to see you next week Lori, the "roof" kept me away this week. Have a wonderfullllll weekend, Carol

  2. Oh Carol! Thanks for this! You are so sweet & I love your sister too! Its too bad she lives 'just a little' too far away for our particular class, but I hope she looks for a class in her area! It is always such a pleasure seeing you at yoga and I know that if if wasn't for the roof, I would have seen more of you in the past few weeks. Hope you are making lots of headway on these sunny days! Always thinking of you Carol! Maybe I'll see you in a few hours? If not I know I will soon! Thanks so much again Carol for your kind words. Our yoga means the world to me too. it really does. See ya soon! xo


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